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A Commitment to Excellence: Artisan Golf

Updated: Jan 30

Artisan Golf, building golf clubs enabling you to play your best
Artisan Golf, building golf clubs enabling you to play your best

In the seventh edition of “A Commitment to Excellence,” we look at a company founded by two craftsmen who have clearly left their mark on the game of golf for the past four decades. Artisan Golf, based in Ft. Worth, Texas, makes custom golf clubs for amateurs and the professional elite. Established in 2016 by Mike Taylor and John Hatfield, Artisan aims to bring elite-level golf club fitting and customization to individuals. Mike oversees the wedge side of the business, and John focuses on putters. They have over 70 years in the golf club industry and were part of the Nike team before the swoosh exited golf club making in 2015. They founded the company on a bedrock of excellence, relationships, and hard work. These three values are table stakes when making clubs for the greatest players in the world and are now available to any golfer who wants to excel at this frustrating game. 

Mike and John firmly plant their fingertips on every golf club created at the Artisan factory. The time and energy put into each club make a one-of-a-kind customized “tool” based on the client’s particular swing, body, and design specifics; if you can dream a design, they can create it. The small team in Ft. Worth takes golf club design to the next level regarding quality, design, and the bond you build with the company. Each golfer receives a unique code enabling their specifications and all past purchases to be referenced when ordering new clubs. When you buy an Artisan wedge, putter, or iron, you know you are getting a club designed specifically for you built to the highest standard of excellence. 

Artisan is a notable company in an industry dominated by large organizations marketing the latest club will add 10 yards to your swing. We would all be hitting drives 500 yards down the fairway if we added all the yards golf companies promised. Mike and John are from a time when golfers built their skills through repetition and “finding it in the dirt of a driving range.” They are dedicated to craftsmanship and understand the dedication needed to be the best in their fields. As a former Nike Golf Executive said about Mike, “The art of club making will die with Mike Taylor.” If you spend hours hitting balls and love the game of golf, you owe it to yourself to learn more about Artisan and check out what they are making in Ft. Worth. Once you play an Artisan club, you never return to the ordinary. 

To learn more about Artisan golf, visit their website at

On Wednesday, we will discuss a company committed to writing a new chapter in its history.


Thank you for reading. 

Note: The author has worked or works with Artisan Golf.

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