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A Commitment to Excellence: Heath Ceramics

Updated: Jan 30

Bowls created by Heath Ceramics
Bowls created by Heath Ceramics

In the sixth edition of “A Commitment to Excellence,” we look closer at Heath Ceramics – a venerable 74-year-old company that has been quietly making a name for itself with its commitment to timeless design and uncompromising quality.  Founded in 1948 by Edith and Brian Heath, the company has grown to become a shining example of what it means to do things "the right way."

Heath Ceramics is a company that values the power of experience, and their collections of dinnerware and home goods are a testament to this. By combining modern technology with time-honored techniques, they create products that are imbued with character and uniqueness - a reminder of the importance of slowing down and savoring the moment.

Food has the unique ability to completely envelope our senses.  If I close my eyes, I can still remember how a great meal made me feel, how the food and room smelled, what sounds emanated from the kitchen, and what each bite tasted like.  Also, I can remember who I was with and my happiness throughout this experience.  No matter the cuisine, sitting down for a meal with friends forces us to slow down and build something. Heath makes dinnerware and other home items to provide the opportunity to have these feelings more frequently.  Their collections are made by combining modern technology with techniques used decades ago, creating imperfections that bring character and uniqueness to each of their pieces. 

Heath Ceramics' commitment to excellence doesn't end with their products. As a certified B Corp, they're fully committed to reducing their environmental impact and supporting the communities in which they operate. And as an employee-owned company, they know that treating their team right is key to success in the long run.

There has been a theme with this week’s posts; more and more companies are asking consumers to slow down and take time to be more present.  Great companies want customers to buy fewer products from them because there is quality and craftsmanship in what they produce.  Warstic, Outerknown, and Heath’s values and mission are rooted in quality eclipses quantity every day and twice on Sunday.  So this weekend, when you sit down for a meal, spend an extra moment to be present, taste, smell, and be enveloped by the food experience. 

To view the entire Heath Ceramics collection, visit their website at

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more stories of excellence and craftsmanship.

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