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A Commitment to Excellence: Warstic

Updated: Jan 30

A Custom Designed Warstic Bat
A Custom Designed Warstic Bat

In the fourth edition of A Commitment to Excellence, I introduce you to a Dallas-based company inspiring its customers to go on the hunt.  Founded in 2011 by former professional baseball player Brian Jenkins, Warstic designs and crafts stic-based sports products, think baseball/softball, lacrosse, fishing, and pickleball. They make products enabling their customers to perform at their highest level while looking badass in the process. 

The bread and butter of Warstic is their wood baseball bats.  These bats are what the 911 is to sports cars, and Charles and Ray Eames are to chairs; these pieces of wood are pretty enough for the museum. You can customize their vast array of bats by wood type, color, engraving, and length. Display one proudly in your office or house; even give one as a gift. Brian and his team even have special Artist Series bats with one-of-a-kind designs that take baseball bats to the next level.  Let me be clear; these bats are used by the best baseball and softball players in the world; they look better than their peers. 

We need more companies whose message asks us to reach for excellence and create products to support our passion and drive positively. The company's ethos and approach are unique from its in-your-face branding, owners (Ian Kinsler and Jack White joined the ownership group in 2016), and care for their products.  I love how they ask us to be warriors and appeal to customers who “follow their own code of substance, style, and character.”   Furthermore, they are focused on the athlete finding a balance in their sport and person.  Warstic’s message reminds us that greatness is built one day at a time by placing one foot in front of the other and one rep at a time. There are no shortcuts, hacks, or quick fixes to becoming a better athlete, parent, doctor, writer, or artist. 

Check out all of Warstic's products at

Ocommitted to changing how company started by Kelly Slater that is committed to changing the way clothes are made. We close out the week by talking dishes and Heath Ceramics. 

Thank you for reading. 

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